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The Jázminóri Bt. (Hírös Intimlézer Center) (hereinafter Service Provider) performs its activities in the interest of the patients and according to their requests. The processing, storing, and transmission of the acquired data are performed in accordance with the Healthcare laws and other relevant laws about data protection.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to determine the most important rules for data processing and the system of identification and registration according to the existing legislation, which ensures that the provisions of data protection are met on a high level.

The purpose of the existing legislation about the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information is, inter alia, to define the basic rules of processing data in order for the data controllers to respect the privacy of natural persons.

The legal basis for data processing:

The voluntary consent of the user under Article 112(5) of 2011 about the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information.

The scope of data collected:

  • Users in general, may visit the website for free and without having to provide any kind of personal data.
  • Data that may be provided by the user: last name, first name, e-mail address, phone number, address.
  • While browsing the website, the following are recorded: the IP address of the user’s computer, the start and completion time of the visit, and, in some cases, — according to the user’s computer settings — the browser and the operating system version. These data are logged automatically. The Service Provider does not connect the data found in log files to other personal data.

The purpose of data processing:

  • In the case of data provided by the user, the purpose of data processing is to keep in touch with the user. The data may be used by the Service Provider for statistical purposes, as well as for showing advertisements/content on the visited pages while browsing the website, and in the newsletters sent out by the Service Provider, according to the user’s area of interest. The user may prohibit these types of data processing by unsubscribing.
  • The data logged while browsing the website is solely stored to serve technical and statistical purposes. The anonymous visitor identification, as a signal sequence (cookie) is unable to identify the client (i.e. the visitor) on its own, in any way; it only recognizes the computer of the visitor.
    • Google Analytics: This program is used by the Service Provider primarily to generate statistics and, inter alia, to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. The Service Provider mainly gathers information about how many visitors searched the website, and how much time the visitors spent on the website. The program recognizes the visitor’s IP address, so it can monitor whether the visitor is returning or new, and follow the visitor’s path on the website as well as where he/she logged into.
    • Within the framework of the advertising system, ads are presented. The system collects personal data about the users who click on them in order to present ads that meet the visitor’s interests instead of being bothersome. The data controller does not use personal data for purposes that are not noted here.

The data controller only passes on personal data to third parties when a prior and explicit consent is provided by the user. This does not apply to possible transmissions of data required by law.

The user should send the claim to delete his/her personal or special data in e-mail, to the address. The Service Provider will delete the data within 5 work days of the date on which the request was received. After deletion, the presented data cannot be restored.

Upon the user’s request, the Service Provider will provide information about the user’s processed personal data or, in case it is requested by the rightholder, the data will be modified or deleted.

We assure you that the Jázminóri Bt. Is committed to protect your data. The website uses every available method to protect the personal data and the rights of its visitors and clients during its operation, in which it adheres to the respective provisions of legislations.

The principles of data processing:

In view of its privacy policy, Jázminóri Bt. undertakes that

  • it will process your personal data fairly and in accordance with the respective provisions of legislations,
  • it will only store data for specified and lawful purposes, and will not store them in a different manner without your explicit and clear consent,
  • it will take appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of the personal data stored in log files,
  • it will prevent the unlawful access, modification, or dissemination of data.

The data provided when using services may only be processed by Jázminóri Bt. without the consent of the user if that data cannot be directly linked to the user.

The Service Provider or its direct agent – the Data Controller – is entitled to store the processed data, and to freely use them for statistical purposes, in a summarized and unidentifiable manner. The Data Controller may only use user data for direct marketing with the consent of the user.

It is the Data Controller’s obligation and responsibility – in the absence of clear legislative provisions – to prevent unauthorized third persons from discovering the processed data; and to provide information about the user’s processed personal data upon the user’s request, or to modify or delete the data upon the rightholder’ request.

The duration of processing data:

The Service Provider is entitled to use the data provided by the user until the user chooses the option, provided by the Service Provider, to unsubscribe.

In case the user unlawfully or deceptively uses personal data, or commits a crime, the Service Provider may immediately delete the registration simultaneously with all personal data under the conditions of the privacy policy.

The Service Provider’s name, address, and contact:

Rightholder: Jázminóri Bt., 6000 Kecskemét, Bem u 22.

Write about privacy policy to this address:

Data management and record-keeping identification:



The system of remedies:

The user may practice enforcement of the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information under Article 112 of 2011 or under the Civil Code, before the court, or may request the help from the President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Applicable legislation:

The following legislations are applicable for questions not regulated in this document: the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information under Article 112 of 2011, the law of electronic communications under Article 100(17), the Decree 226/2003 12(13) about the data safety of communications services, and the contents in Article 108 of 2001 about the e-commerce services and the legal aspects of information society services.