Currently, two intimate laser procedures are available in Hungary. One works with a CO2 laser and the other with Fotona Smooth Er:YAG laser technology. The Hírös Intimlézer Center uses Fotona’s patented Smooth technology with an Er:YAG laser.
Comparing the lasers, we can say that both the Er:YAG laser and the CO2 laser are ablative, but the Er:YAG laser absorbs much better in water and therefore does not burn the skin.

What really makes differences when comparing the two laser procedures available in Hungary, is the SMOOTH technology patented by Fotona, which is able to create a non-ablative gynecological laser in a way that is unique in the world. Being non-ablative means that there is no direct effect, i.e. no damage to the mucosa.

Thanks to SMOOTH technology:

  • we reach the temperature required for denaturing collagen (we work painlessly at 62-63 Celsius), but it does not burn,
  • as it is non-ablative, there is no need to fear infection due to the non-sterile nature of the vagina,
  • does not hurt, no anesthesia or preparation is required.